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Tornado Kid Kart

From Tornado Kart Organization = TKO

The 2012 Tornado Kid Kart is a improved chassis design with adjustable rear ride height and adjustable wheelbase length. The 2012 also has a new combination of steel types. We offer four levels of Tornados for the beginner to the most professionalteams running for a national or regional title. The F1 is our entry level Tornado, the F4 offers adjustable ride height and length and the F5 offers a Mychron or ceramic bearings along with some additional changes to reduce weight and increase performance. If you want the best Tornado can offer it is the new Velociraptor F5 chassis, the additions come from three years of metal testing, engineering and track testing. The CNC work to the components is time consuming and the materials are an investment but for the top racers that ask us for the best we can produce it is the latest technology in a kart available anywhere in the world. Tornado karts have shown conclusively to be the best engineering karts and most competitive on the market, made of high quality chromoly steel they last for a very long time and are fast right out of the box. The Tornado stands alone as the only kart to have won all the major nation titles in the US and around the world.

Tornado karts have won the 4 of the last 5 national races, dominating the Italian born chassis designs. It took the first three of the first four Screaming Eagles ever awarded by the International Kart Federation when Chris Trickle set fast time both days in 2008 and Jerett Tachovksy took the pole in Reno. To review the record of the Tornado and watch a video brochure click here. In the opening Region 7 race of the 2009 season it took the win and 4 of the top 5 spots both Saturday and Sunday. The Tornado won two of the last three years at the California State Championships and it took three of the four top spots at the Kid Kart Nationals winning both categories with Owen Leatherberry and Mason Mitchell at the wheel in 2008 and Ryan Lewis won in 2009. Jerett Tachovsky also won the first Duffy awarded in IKF's history in 2009 on his F5 Tornado, following up Royal McKee's win in the first IKF Grand National open to Kid Karts, giving us two of three wins at that race. In 2008 Indy 500 winner Buddy Lazier's son Flinn won the Kid Kart Nationals. Every Pole position, heat race and final was won by a Tornado chassis at the nationals in 2008 in pure domination of the sport with the best of the best in attendance.

The 2009 chassis started testing in January 2008 in the desert outside Las Vegas (click here to see the video of testing). In it's first race it won in the highly competitive IKF R7 at the California Speedway with Cruz Fiore at the wheel. It has already proven itself by leading Chloe St. George to 6 of 7 wins in IKF R11, a IKF R4 win, a IKF R7 win,  second at the Kid Kart Nationals in St. Louis (second to a 2008 Tornado) and third in the IKF Grand Nationals, Cruz Fiore won the IKF R7 opener on the chassis' first test race in February. In 2010 we won the Kid Kart Nationals again and had a driver win the IKF R7 series with the help of a 2011 VR Tornado. This geometry and basic kart is the same for 2011 except we gave you six more positions on the rear axle to allow more customization for regional and national racing. The same proven design improved upon with more options to address tire compound changes for different race series and for different track conditions.

The biggest key to our wins is that our chassis lifts the inside rear wheel in the corners much earlier than any other kart.  The 2008 and 2009 models to allow the kart to run smoothly through the corner but not bog the engine. The 2011 F4 and F5 also have a revolutionary new engine mount that mix with new changes to the steel types of the rails, that improves the performance of the kart and engine.   It meets IKF, WKA and all the karting tech requirements for size. It comes in almost any choice of colors.  Allow up to three weeks for delivery. We have a Venezuelan or Mexican version available for an additional $200 for 25mm rear axle components. Chassis ship with everything but a chain , engine, tires and a sprocket.

In the most competitive area of the world to race these, in Los Angeles where karting was invented, we swept the top 4 positions in a 27 kart field at the Region 7 IKF race at Grange Motor Circuit setting fast time in the heat and main in 2007. Chloe St. George took home the LAKC championship in her Tornado at the California Speedway as an out of state driver challenging the West's best on their home track. This chassis is the choice of active and current race drivers for their sons or daughters. In our customer list we have an Indy 500 champion, a Baja 1000 champion, and a Stock Car racing family that have a combined 1300 wins, several famous Sprint and Midget car drivers! People who know the value of a good chassis are turning to the Tornado to win races. We don't have dealers all over the US, but we win the big races and series. Even though we have less than 3% market share we have over 50% of the big regional and national titles over the last four years.

Rest assured that if you make the investment in a Chromoly Tornado Chassis you'll be purchasing a kart that you can pass down to younger children or get a good resale value when you move up. We don't use mild steel to construct the entire kart like the Italians do, so our chassis will last without sagging more than three months and still be holding tight in the corners. Place an order or give us a call today and we'll get one started for you!






New for 2010  and 2011 are the 5 adjustments for Ackerman on the F4 and F5 Tornados


"We have one of the few Tornado's in the area. It's mostly Tony karts here and we have won the last 7 of 9 races, they just can't touch this kart."

"We took out the new 2010 kart today for the first time. We dropped 3 seconds a lap over our best time at this track before on our other chassis. When we tested our older Tornado chassis components compared to the new test components our rpm's were up 400 more! We had a great day and 2010 the kart really handled well. It was still set up tight because it was our first day at the track with it. We were lapping almost all the kids on the track today. We are so pleased with the first test day. Going around the track on three wheels is much much faster than on four wheels!"

The new experimental components worked very very well. They exceeded our engineering goals by 25%. Thank you for the teams that are doing the current testing of components for the 2011 Kid Kart. Engineering rarely stops and we add to new karts being shipped any new development that has proven itself on the track. The Italians produce thousands of last year's design and can't easily add the latest developments. We'll perfect these components and start to integrate them into the current chassis design as soon as we can.

"the new components worked really well today. The advance in laps times was amazing. You can see the difference in the performance clearly. You really have invented something special that will give us a great advantage. I think it will take some time for people to understand what you have done here. By then you'll probably have rolled out another invention"



2012 C50 Engine Mount and Clutch Cover On Sale

At the beginning of this year we introduced a new engine mount for our Tornado Kid Kart Chassis and the C50 engine. We kept the parts secret to give our 2011 kart drivers an advantage. Some factory drivers tested and raced them with great success. Now we are allowing registered Tornado owners to purchase them. They are highly machined and engineered pieces and are an investment.

The clutch safety guard fits into the engine mount and holds tight with one bolt. If the clutch nut splits the guard holds the clutch drum in place keep the shoes from flying off and hurting your driver or kart. The C50 clutch nuts have a tendency to split and this is a nifty device to keep your drivers arm safe.

This is the only C50 engine mount specifically designed to fit the C51 case halves. Pricing for the Clutch Cover and Mount are as follows.

F4 Engine mount: $265

F4 Clutch cover: $175

F5 Engine Mount: $475

F5 Clutch Cover $280

What's the difference between the F4 and F5 other than the price? The speed of course. How does it produce more speed, don't ask. A lot of time and engineering went into these and the workmanship is really beautiful. The prototype is shown above but they come in a red anodized Finish.




The Tornado


Engineered to twist better, specially selected parts are added to wind up to speed faster. The Tornado hugs the ground, sounds like a train going bye and usually scares people when they see it for the first time. The Tornado is one of the nicest looking karts on the market today. In it's first race weekend it won from the outside pole, the back row and from the pole position against a very talented set of experienced drivers in a competitive kid kart class in California. During the weekend it set an all time track record that has never been beaten. In direct comparisons with it's earlier versions it was 1.6 seconds faster a lap, on a 40 second lap time and was much smoother through the corners. 

Since the additions to the kart took many years to accumulate we don't spell out the specifications here but you will receive with the kart a Chassis Setup DVD that includes tips about the frame and how to use it correctly. You can see from the pictures that the front bumper design is much safer because it covers much of the front wheels.   It comes with Bridgestone YHC tires unless specified otherwise at time of order. It has a special motor mount designed to pivot with the chassis and not stress the case halves of the engine (this is a major reason why so many people lose to our chassis design - the engine can rev 400 to 700 more rpm because of the way we mount the engine to the chassis). The chassis will automatically lift the inside rear tire while sitting flat on the ground, very few kid karts are designed to do this and therefore end up dragging the inside rear around the corner and bogging the C50 engine down. Order a Tornado today and start destroying the competition like a Kansas Twister.

Indy 500 Champion Buddy Lazier's Daughter Gliding Around The Colorado Track In Her Tornado



Tornado Chassis Comparison Story

Some people say that our chassis is too expensive compared to other karts made in other countries. Recently a person that had purchased another kart summarized it this way: I purchased the first Italian made kart and had to replace the big brake rotor, the oversize calipers, the heavy steel axle and other parts made for an adult kart but put on mine as standard equipment. By the time I got it all done the chassis was starting to sag and bow in on the front because it was made of mild steel. I purchased some adjusters to correct it. When it was all done I was still losing to the Tornado. The Tornado comes with the lighter axles, the adjustable front, the lighter brake rotor and calipers. It also comes with floating brake hub and sprocket. Because it is chrome molly tubing it doesn't sag in five months and lose its shape. If I was to add up all those things and add it to the price of upgrading those on my original kart it would have wiped out the difference and more. Instead of buying two axles, rotors and such I should have just purchase the Tornado and saved the money and time. The Tornados come set up closely to my drivers size and fitted to his or her measurements. Once I sold the old kart I took a loss on it too. It is much better to invest in the best and only cry once up front when paying the extra few hundred dollars to get all the best components early.

I hope new parents will consider all the investments when ordering a chassis, it is actually cheaper to buy the better chassis with the correct parts first.


F1 Chassis

The F1 is our base level chassis with the same frame as our higher end models. It comes with everything you need except a set of tires, chain or sprocket.  It has a grey cloth covered seat, aluminum wheels and is designed for club and regional racing where weight may not be as big of a factor. It is about four pounds heavier that the F4 but still lighter than most other kid karts. The steering wheel is a full circle covered in suede. When you upgrade to the F4 you'll get a two tone steering wheel with a flat portion and side grips for better vision and grip. $2185


F4 Tornado Kid Kart Chassis

Jaydon Biles

Jaydon won almost every race this season in his 2008 Tornado proving that even older Tornado Chassis can be competitive. Unlike European chassis' made of mild steel, a Tornado will not sag and loose it's competitive nature because it is made of quality Chromoly steel tubing. This means your investment in a quality Tornado Chassis will last years and your resale value will be much higher so have confidence when you purchase a Tornado. Chromoly tubing chassis have a 30% better resale value so while it is a bigger investment up front it wins more and it's worth more in the long run.





The F4

is a high end competition chassis with reduced rotational mass and nicer looking components. It has a Sams seat, special aluminum wheels built just for a kid kart and is designed for national and regional racing where weight may be a big factor. The seat is mounted with a swivel mount so that the chassis flexes appropriately. The brake rotor is a special light weight thin rotor to reduce rotating mass and it is mounted on a patented floating rotor as is the sprocket. The floating components keep the chassis flex from slowing the kart in the corner by binding the calipers or the chain. Even the caliper is a lighter weight component.  The main benefit of the Tornado line is how it handles in the corners. While sitting still and turning the steering wheel the inside rear wheel will lift off the ground. When going through the corners this greatly reduces the drag because the inside wheel on most kids karts acts as a brake. It comes with everything you need just add the tires that fit with your local rules, a chain and a sprocket. With our Tornado your driver will sail through the corners. $2875



Tornado F5 Chassis













Flinn Lazier wins the Kid Kart Nationals in St. Louis in August with the new 2008 Tornado Storm Edition.  Braden wrapped up the championship on the 2008 F5 and ran it all season. Royal McKee won the IKF Grand Nationals in 2007 with the new 2008 Tornado F5. Owen Leatherberry won the 2008 Kid Kart Nationals on his Tornado. Cruz Fiore of Las Vegas won the California State Championships in 2007 and Conner Hanson won it again in 2008 on a Tornado. Chris Trickle won two IKF Grand National Screaming Eagles in 2008 on a Tornado Kart. Jerett Tachovsky won a IKF Sprint Grand Nationals a Duffy and a Screaming Eagle in 2009. Ryan Lewis won the 2009 Kid Kart Nationals. The Tornado Kid Kart is the only Kart in the world to win all these coveted awards. Donnie Bell won the Southwest Regional Cup in 2009 and Jacob Winslow won the SKUSA Central States Challenge. Chloe St. George won the toughest club championship in the country at the LAKC and we wrapped up that championship again in 2009.


The  F5


is our high end competition chassis with a MyChron 4 computer tracking system, reduced rotational mass, front end adjustments for caster and camber, single piece front rims and nicer looking components. We've changed the balance on the back and the way the brake mounts as well as a floating brake hub. F5 customers get access to the latest design changes on a monthly basis if they are running our engine packages exclusively. It has a Tillet seat for heavy drivers or a more flexible padded seat for light weight drivers, magnesium wheels or aluminum wheels. Look at the solid engine mount and see why our RPM's stay higher in the corners, we don't let the chassis flex transfer to the engine case halves. It butterfly mounts to the chassis for fast removal. This mount stops the chassis flex from transferring to the case halves and slowing the top end RPM's.  Weighing in at around 86 lbs with an engine it is a light weight, bullet of a kart designed to win big races. Just ask RJ (pictured below with the big trophy) and Kurt Lantz, they won the biggest race of the summer at California Speedway, the King Taco Open. Investment for a F5 $3175.
















F5  VelociraptorEdition












The Velociraptor Edition is the F5 Tornado with some changes to the bearings, chassis metal types, cassette mounts and engine mount. We have ceramic bearings in the wheels and axle as well as a floating sprocket. We add some very high end components for better roll and application of power to the wheels. We remove the Mychron from this chassis and give you just the chassis with the higher end components. You mount your own engine, sprocket, chain and tires. The Velociraptor technology is a secret development that include higher end CNC work, materials science and inventions to the physics of how the chassis and engine work together. In testing it has shown a 400 to 500 increase in RPM and a 5% to 12% increase in power. If you seek the ultimate advantage in a kid kart chassis the Velociraptor F5 Tornado is your best investment. The 2010 chassis is the same geometry of past winning designs but with much more flexibility. You can raise and lower the rear axle, you can lengthen wheelbase by moving the rear axle. You have many more options on the front spindle. This allows you to run the same proven set up that won so many races the last three years or try some new settings for a specific track that has a key race. The chassis of choice for real racing families. At the 2007 Kid Kart Nationals in St. Louis Chris Trickle, nephew of great Dick Trickle ran one and took the pole in 52.41 beating three other Tornados by a few tenths, not bad for a six year old. He was a second and a half quicker than other chassis in the field made in Italy. Flinn Lazier, the son of Indy 500 winner Buddy Lazier ran a Storm Edition to the win (that's him on the left above). The three Tornados in the lead lapped 17 karts in the race, more than 2/3rds of the field. The Tornado is simply the pinnacle of the Kid Kart Chassis market today. The Tornado also won the IKF Grand National in 2007 as Royal McKee became the youngest driver ever to win a IKF Sprint Grand National. It won the Central States Super Series and the IKF R7 series. So far in 2009 it holds the lead in points in IKF R7 with drops and in 2008 Chloe St. George won the R11 title and a R7 race as well as A R4 IKF Race to become the driver with the most regional kid kart wins ever. $3475


2012 Kid Kart

Take a peek at the 2012 model heading to showrooms across the country soon. The Tornado kid kart has more total big race wins than all other manufacturers combine in the last five years. Watch the video.



F1 Entry Level Tornado $2685 plus shipping and handling

F4 Tornado with No My-Chron $2975 plus shipping handling

2012 F5  Tornado with My-Chron 4 mounted $3325 plus shipping.

2012 F5 Top of the line Velociraptor Edition Tornado with ceramic bearings mounted $3775




Special Notes:


2011 Prototypes Go Fast

The 2011 Tornado Kid Kart Prototypes sold very fast and are fast on the track. They have gone to younger more advanced teams looking to give their less experienced drivers an edge, but be careful, rumor has it a few may be loaned out to experienced drivers that already are upfront controlling the pace. If you put a good to great tuner on one of our new 2011 or 2010 Karts they are almost unstoppable.

Why do we believe that they are so good. The reason is because we have the only kart on the market with all the adjustments possible, length, height and caster/camber. It's also because of the way that we tie the components of the kart and engine together. We do things that no other manufacturer does. Each of the three main areas and four sub areas add up. So when your Italian kart is getting passed and lapped do not assume that it must be a killer cheater engine, look closer and it might just be one of our newest chassis designs. Some things you may be able to spot visually, the other parts you'll need an advanced math degree and some test equipment to fully understand.

What drives us to go to this level of R&D? Because we can. For some, it's just kart racing, for others it's racing. If you love racing and winning as much as we do then you'll understand why we continue to invent and lead the field. Five years sitting through physics, materials science, chemistry and differential equations lecture is paying off for you. Rest assured if you are investing in a Tornado kart you are getting some of the most advanced technology in karting today.

We have the only kid kart on the market with length and height adjustability. Since our karts are already strong in the winter months and on slippery tracks we left the geometry the same and you'll still be super fast. When the summer hits and temps go from 60 in the morning to 105 in the afternoon and track temps hit 140 and a 150 other karts hit the track to lay down stick rubber you'll want our adjustability. You'll need our adjustability and you'll feel the power of engineering and innovation.

There are those that love us and those that love to hate us and some that just respect our innovation. We really don't care what the Italian chassis makers think because they are in Italy. They already tried to copy our design and failed. Some customers ask why local dealer are so vocal against the Tornado products. Dealers sell high priced Italian chassis' that sag and are slower than our quality, long lasting chromoly karts. It's hard on the dealers because we sell direct and their karts are too loose on American tracks. If we sold through dealers the story would change quickly. Those that are competitive shops that will do anything to survive will try to talk customers out of our karts and into theirs. Ask the teams that left the Tornado and went to another design how they feel after winning with us and then running mid pack with the other products the dealers gave away for free.

We have listened to the stories over and over of kart shops pushing brands they pick up from Italy and teams that try to make them work but they are too loose here. We don't have the kart counts of Italian races and don't lay down that much rubber so their karts are designed for Italy not America. Heck the Kid Karts from Italy weren't even tested for racing and they don't run the same engine package we do.  Americans have always won the wars they want to fight. We are a more innovative people by necessity, our ancestors left Europe, Asia and other continents to find a place to grow and be free. Families that made it to California were the toughest and most determined of all. Karting was invented here and we are taking it back one class at a time.



More Velociraptor And 2010 Kid Kart Successes:

New teams are testing new kid karts and technology for is real races and test sessions across the South. Here are two reports from the field on the 2010 Tornado Kid Karts with some of the 2011 upgrades.

"The new kart arrived and performed very well is its first race.  Our lap times  were about 2 seconds quicker at 36 seconds and our son was not pushing as hard as he could have during the races.  I think he can get down to 34 easily when the temperatures warm up.  We won the first two races with a considerable lead."

"The kart and engine performed really well this weekend in testing, almost too well. I couldn't believe how much faster we were than the other drivers. I had to recheck everything to see if it was all set up correctly."

Both teams are new to our chassis and are running them with basic set ups, they can tune and adjust so much more than our 2009 or earlier chassis. Once they learn the kart and adjust it to that days conditions they'll have an even greater advantage than the standard parts upgrades already offered them. The Velociraptor technology they tested also showed itself useful. Although all the data is not in the overall data shows more success than we had planned on already in the cold months of winter testing. The kart will show it's true value in the hot summer months when everyone will be struggling to get loose, these teams will be able to easily set the kart for those conditions.

Part of the Velociraptor technology will also really kick in when the temperature hits about 90 degrees and we roll out the final versions of the products for production. We are confident in rolling out the newer version of the 2011 chassis early in three karts. These three karts will be available in February for delivery. We usually switch production in May or June so these karts could give you the advantage on the competition you need if it will be a tight points race.

We are rolling out Velociraptor for test sessions in the Cadet group now and hope to have good feedback by the end of February. We think we this is where the value of Velociraptor will be felt the most as Cadets are often very close in the engine department. If we can add 5 to 9% more horsepower to our clients then the Tornado drivers will have a leg up on the competition.



What Is Velociraptor Techonology?

We have announced a new version of our Kid Kart that has the technology incorporated into it. Let's give you an idea of it's origins. As the chief engineer at Tornado Karts my youthful years were spent racing off road, building engines for those off road race cars and then going to college. I sat in math class after math class cursing my instructors for making me memorize so many calculus equations. Why did you have to learn all this math, I pondered. The reason became clear in the second years classes as physics courses started to kick in along with more advanced math classes like differential equations. Suddenly in third year courses you could understand why material acted certain ways, why aircraft manufacturers put bolts in certain positions and why things shook like they did.

There are good engineers and bad engineers in the world. For much of our sport, there has been less engineering and more building. Trial and error has been the design process more often than not. Talented machinist have reinvented what we see on the track. There is no doubt a talented machine operator can do things to blueprint a poorly constructed engine. The kart and it's components are fairly simple. We don't have to fight with fancy shocks, we don't have a complicated differential or transmission.  What we do have is fairly basic in the eyes of most people. The reality of racing is that among the top teams this sport is not basic at all.

How you face a ring that is traveling up and down at 200 times a second is critically important to many engines. How the chain is set can greatly effect the outcome of a race. There there are the smallest of details like expansion rates of metals, an aluminum piston in a steel bore, a steel ring in an aluminum piston, an aluminum engine mount on a cast pot metal case. Things move when they heat up. Things vibrate, things wear out and things scrape on each other. Tribilogy, oscillating, reciprocating parts and periodic motion ideas pop into your brain.  Velociraptor technology was born from more than one area. It wasn't born yesterday, the technology has been around a long time. It is the application of this technology to karting that has been missing.

In my travels for my other larger motor sports business I toured NASCAR engine shops, WoO engine shops, Indy Car engine shops among many other shops that build high end racing equipment. We incorporated much of what we learned there adding to it the engineering principles learned in school. What was designed and tested on our dyno is making it's way to the field. Field test of some of the components and techniques started 19 months ago. We didn't feel the need to show or incorporate the technology. This is 2010 and we are now rolling it out across all our karts and engines. It is not cheap and the work that we outsource is an investment, some of the materials and processes can take time so the investment for each component goes up. The technology will be added to the top of the line karts and engines in your fleet of options.

Today we introduced a new Kid Kart F5 model called the Velociraptor. Soon we will introduce more models with V technology. You can ask all you want but we just aren't going to explain all the details of how it works. Will it always win? No. Will it give you an advantage, yes absolutely.


Moly or Mild

Yesterday a new customer called and wanted to learn about our Tornado chassis. He wasn't the average customer, he was from a large racing family that also built and tuned chassis for some very big names in the industry. He was doing his due diligence for his most important customer ever, his son.

 When I tried to explain the difference between chromoly steel that we use and mild steel that is used in big name European karts, he stopped me and said we know the difference.

We are required by the rules of our sport to run mild steel for the cost savings. Mild is heavier, has less snap and is much cheaper, he said. Every once in a while a new racer comes into our racing and dominates the others until the officials take apart their race car chassis and test the metal to find a lightweight Chromoly tubing and disqualify them. Then they are not as fast anymore. If given a choice we would always use Chromoly tubing and I understand why you choose it if the rules allow it.

In parts of the country engine builders, officials and others do their best to slant results in favor of the karts that they import from Italy. In one state the people running the series were also the ones supplying karts through their kart shop. A client had his engine built their. He was very fast until he didn't purchase the newest kart from the shop. Then after a rebuild he got slower. He caught the change in power and switched engine builders. Once he had someone review the engine he saw that it had been detuned in an effort to control who wins with the new chassis they wanted to sell.

In another part of the country a dealer has given away many many engines, so many that officials actually believe that things that are not legal probably are that way from the factory. In an effort to get drivers off of the Tornado chassis and onto something else the kart shop has worked to supply engines that are better to the ones willing to break the rules. They have taken DQ's but it doesn't matter if they can fool enough people. It is just amazing how far some shops and individuals will go, especially after they take a DQ and get embarrassed. But this process repeats itself about every other year.

So next season there will be one or two, or more that wake up with a chassis that won't work because they don't have a souped up engine strapped to it. The mild tubing will have sagged and they won't be able to get the kart to snap out of the corners. They'll see other chromoly karts with a history of winning continue to consistently win with their new adjustability and flexibility, the Tornado. The only kid kart on the market with up and down axle adjustability and length adjustment. The only kart to win an IKF Grand National twice, screaming Eagle, KKN, all three regional IKF titles, all the State championships that run the class. Only one kart in history has done it, we are proud that our hard work and our chromoly tubing combined with our hard working teams have made us the safe choice to win a championship.

The games will go on around the country. Tech officials will come and go, but in the end the honesty of the American people win out and tech gets tough and throws out the thieves that steal children's trophies to save their dealership from going under. When series or races are run by shops participants need to question the leaders and get a few outsiders on the board and in tech so that the playing field is leveled OR join the cartel and cheat with the rest better than they do. If you can live with yourself then that may be the best plan for you.

We will continue to engineer the best karts we can, the best engines we can, all inside the rules, all legal. We didn't take 17 DQ's on our engines this year and last. We win straight up with hard work and research. Rest assured if you invest in Chromoly tubing your purchasing more than high quality carbon enriched steel that will last, you are investing in snap that means your childs' kart will react when they want it to and pop in the corners sending them down the straight in style.




Championships Sweep For Tornado Kid Karts Drivers?

With Donnie Bell wrapping up the SWRC title and Jacob Winslow taking the SKUSA championship all that is left is the IKF R7 and IKF R11 titles. We didn't have anyone running in R11 this year after Chloe St. George won it last season for the Tornado Team, but two 2009 Tornado karts lead both days of the R7 title. If one of them wins the title then that will mean that the 2009 Tornado Kid Kart chassis will have wrapped up 100% of the regional titles it competed in and two national races.

For a company that has only 2% market share that is certainly conclusive proof that we ended up with the best and luckiest drivers in the USA and or we have very competitive mixed steel chassis in our 2009 Tornado Kid Kart that has an advantage on all the European karts.

The 2010 Kid Kart is out now and will have the advantage over our 2009 karts because of it's ability to change ride height and ride length. This is something that no other kid kart has today. It allows you to set up for short tracks and long sweeping tracks with just one chassis. Invest in the best and only cry once!

Donnie Bell Wins Southwest Regional Cup

Donnie had some pent up energy after his experience in St. Louis. He hopped in his Tornado prototype and took it to the front of the pack at the last SWRC weekend in Oklahoma. He won the heat and exploded into celebration.

On Sunday Donnie took the pole again, won the heat race and then broke a clutch spring in the final causing him to finish in fourth right behind Ryan Lewis. Points should be calculated by the end of the week but it looks like Donnie may have won the season championship. If that happens and it will mean that three of the four major regional series that run kid karts competitively will be won by Tornado drivers. Thank you Donnie for taking us to victory lane with you!

Resale Values Hold Up

Why do our karts have such a good resale value? Two main reasons, first they are made of quality Chromoly steel tubing. Chromoly has a higher carbon content and last much longer than the mild steel used by the major kart names from Europe. The second reason is supply and demand, our karts win the nationals, regionals and club championships. We don't have a dealer network so there are only so many available and used ones go fast.

Those imported karts are cheaper to build and work fine for the first few races and then start to sag. Think of them like spaghetti, it's great when you cook it up and then it sits in the pan and just gets really soft and sloppy over the next few days. After three months of a mild steel chassis you just won't want to head to the track anymore and your driver will give you a look when coming off the track. That look that says, crew chief fix this problem. The best way to fix it is to get a quality Chromoly chassis.

We aren't against mild steel, it can work. It's just that most people don't want to purchase a new frame every three months. Top name drivers don't race the same frame all season in the adult classes because the mild steel gets a memory. So while a used European kart has less than half the resale value most of the time, many of our karts go for only 20% less after a year of running. That means that your per race investment is half as much. It's also very hard to bend one of our karts and very easy to bend mild steel.


So when making that purchase choice, remember that it only seems like we may be a little bit more of an investment, but in reality you are saving money. Buy the best and Mom, Dad or Grandapa can only cry once, better than the driver crying each race.



Summer National Races Coming Up

The IKF and SLKA have put both venues for kids to compete for a larger title within the same week again this year. It will be very hard to make both races because of the shear logistics of it. Of the two races IKF is possibly offering the biggest name but in the past it's been a regular plastic trophy with only a few racers. The Kid Kart Nationals has been the much better attended race and is solely dedicated to kid kart racers. Our record has been astonishing in both races, in the last three years we have won 75% of the titles and over 45% of the total podium positions.

The West coast kids always seem to have the advantage because they run only the new style engines at races on the big lumbering tracks. They've sorted through more equipment and finely tuned what they have to work. In some cases they have tuned more than what is legal and getting very good at hiding it. Only the best engine builder could find it in tech. The central and East coast drivers use the C50 old style and don't get to race the new style as much but they have the advantage of racing tighter tracks and are usually better drivers on those tight tracks.

So the Kid Kart Nationals ends up being the best race all around because it has had very heavy tech for the last three years, it's track is a combination of a long straight and many tight corners. This year with the economy down we would expect fewer racers but not less quality. We predict this may be the best racing we've seen yet. That's hard to top with the two classic battles between Trickle, St. George and Leatherberry last year and Johnson, Lazier and Lantz the year before.

Over the next few weeks we'll introduce the drivers and talk about our thoughts about the race. I do think this years race could well be decided in the tech shed. Our goal has remained the same, to win with great drivers and good equipment that is legal. We are not going to drill out a hole somewhere that no one will probably see to win a race. We're not going to reshape the head and hope that someone won't catch it. I told last years winner that my personal reward comes in moments where the drivers and their family celebrate. I know that the trophy they are holding is their trophy, not anyone else's or my trophy. They earned it and it can't be questioned at least in my mind because I handled the engine start to finish, it is legal. Everyone I've know that cheated to win has regretted it in later years.

In the last two years the race went to two teams that were behind in prep only weeks before race. Buddy Lazier had been dealing with someone that bent his king pins to simulate changes we had made in our newer chassis. Buddy realized what was happening and called us directly, we overnighted a new chassis to the track, flew out to help and he won the race starting from 4th. Greg Leatherberry blew a crank out of his best engine only ten days before the race. He flew what was left out to us and we rebuilt it. "I had to decide to stick with it or go to the back up, it came in during the final and we won with two corners to go", Greg explained. Greg placed great trust in us to get the engine back together. We had to put in used bearings and performed a few other tricks to age it fast enough to have a shot at winning.

Will this be our year again? I think we have a 50 percent chance. You can't win them all but we have wonderful drivers and crew chiefs.  There is no one that is completely prepared this year. No one favorite with five engines all aged and ready. It will be more interesting to see whom will take the top step of the podium at KKN.

We don't think the IKF event will be of interest as the tech has been very weak in the areas that count and kart count has continued to drop as the series has lost credibility, we can't recommend it this year. I sincerely hope that parents will write to IKF and encourage them to revoke their oversize jet rule and get back to legal equipment or change the rules to allow everyone to blueprint the engine legally for max performance.

No matter what, we'll have fun, excitement, broken parts and broken dreams, winners and runners up. It's all in how you look at it. We look at it as fun and part of a building process for young men and women. We say if you make it to a national race and you have a kart you are a winner!



2010 Kid Kart Preview

Each summer we release a new model kart. This year we'll have a set of changes that are aimed at making it easier to get spare parts in the field. We're going to soften the kart a little more and allow for more adjustability up front. With new caster/camber pills made of stainless steel in varying degrees of offset you'll be able to dial in your favorite track even better. With a 30 mm axle you'll be able to get more options for replacement parts in the field should you run out of spares. With a softer middle section the kart will be more user friendly. A new seat strut option will give you additional speed at a few tracks you visit.

The goal of the design additions are to improve the driving experience, make the kart faster in the corners and help standardize parts to the more available metric sizes.

As with years past three Karts will be made available for purchase prior to the summer national races.

Tornado Round Up

Cory, Leatherberry & Griesbach, Winslow Sweep Kid Kart Class in St. Louis Regional Race

Cory Wins, Leatherberry Returning Champion 2nd, Grant 3rd

With storms on the horizon drivers from seven states made it to St. Louis to race at the big NASCAR track on the infield for the Central States Super Series. The rain held off but the trophies fell into the hands of our drivers. Tornado Factory Team drivers took 1st, 2nd and 3rd at the Central States Super Series opener in the Kid Kart Class at the St. Louis Speedway with Tornado Driver Jacob Winslow coming in 4th. Nicholas Cory was fast all weekend and won it with Owen Leatherberry 10 karts back and Grant Greisbach another few karts back. Leatherberry and Greisbach were fighting gremlins all weekend but got them isolated enough to podium. It ended up being a race between two of the seven sisters engines, the one that won the Kid Kart Nationals and the new one that Cory picked up last season.

Jacob Winslow - New Tornado Factory Driver Finished 4th

Alanmykael Polley was racing for the Tornado Factory Team in the Tag 60 cadet class and was completing a pass for second in the heat race when he was clipped in the rear and it took both drivers out. He started in the back and put down some of the fastest times of the race as he came from 16th to 8th. But with rain approaching officials shortened the race and there wasn't enough time to make it back to challenge for the win. "Had we not got knocked off the track I'm sure we would have had a chance for the win", lamented Michael Polley. We had been bracketing gearing and jetting all weekend and were very close to the setup we needed.  We dropped 7 seconds from start to finish.

The Polleys learned a bunch during the weekend and that's what we hope for each time we race or practice. Keep an eye on these two young drivers Cory and Polley as they develop this season.

P.S. A number of our Kid Kart Factory Drivers were not in attendance. A Mother's day race is controversial as it is a traditional day off racing. Biles and Mitchells were at home celebrating Mother's day, putting in a central vacuum system, chassis testing and Lewis was attending business in Texas. I've maintained that a top 5 sweep of a class would allow me to retire. For those that I help, they may be lucky, for others it's a missed opportunity to remove a championship tuner and coach.... One other side note, rumor has it that Cory was being helped by Keith St. George in Las Vegas.. Could that last corner pass for the KK Nationals by Owen be costing him? The bees are buzzing. Hmmmmm.



Grant Grand Griesbach Opening

Dousman Wisconsin


If you have waited all winter to put some rubber to the road then you know how bad these 20 kid kart racers wanted to smell gas burning, feel the corners in the road and taste victory. Spring fever translated in to hot laps for one of our new Tornado Factory Drivers. 

Grant Griesbach opened his season at Dousman in Wisconsin with a sweep of qualifying, heat races and the final. There were 20 Kid Karts in attendance and officials did a much heavier than normal tech.  We recently went through Grants equipment and he should have what he needs for his Tornado to run up front. Just wait until the break in process completes! Congratulations Grant, Jeremy and family. Thanks for taking us to victory lane with you!




Tornado Round Up

Cory, Leatherberry & Griesbach Sweep Kid Kart Class in St. Louis Regional SKUSA CSSS Race

Cory Wins, Leatherberry Returning Champion 2nd, Grant Griesbach 3rd

With storms on the horizon drivers from seven states made it to St. Louis to race at the big NASCAR track on the infield for the Central States Super Series. The rain held off but the trophies fell into the hands of our drivers. Tornado Factory Team drivers took 1st, 2nd and 3rd at the Central States Super Series opener in the Kid Kart Class at the St. Louis Speedway. Nicholas Cory was fast all weekend and won it with Owen Leatherberry 10 karts back and Grant Greisbach another few karts back. Leatherberry and Greisbach were fighting gremlins all weekend but got them isolated enough to podium. It ended up being a race between two of the seven sisters engines, the one that won the Kid Kart Nationals and the new one that Cory picked up last season.

Alanmykael Polley was racing for the Tornado Factory Team in the Tag 60 cadet class and was completing a pass for second in the heat race when he was clipped in the rear and it took both drivers out. He started in the back and put down some of the fastest times of the race as he came from 16th to 8th. But with rain approaching officials shortened the race and there wasn't enough time to make it back to challenge for the win. "Had we not got knocked off the track I'm sure we would have had a chance for the win", lamented Michael Polley. We had been bracketing gearing and jetting all weekend and were very close to the setup we needed.  We dropped 7 seconds from start to finish.

The Polleys learned a bunch during the weekend and that's what we hope for each time we race or practice. Keep an eye on these two young drivers Cory and Polley as they develop this season.

P.S. A number of our Kid Kart Factory Drivers were not in attendance. A Mother's day race is controversial as it is a traditional day off racing. Biles and Mitchells were at home celebrating Mother's day, putting in a central vacuum system, chassis testing and Lewis was attending business in Texas. I've maintained that a top 5 sweep of a class would allow me to retire. For those that I help, they may be lucky, for others it's a missed opportunity to remove a championship tuner and coach.... One other side note, rumor has it that Cory was being helped by Keith St. George in Las Vegas.. Could that last corner pass for the KK Nationals by Owen be costing him? The bees are buzzing. Hmmmmm.






Ouch, all those DQ's are adding up for a California engine builder wanna be that has tried and tried to gain market share by pumping out cheap engines with mods like cut rods, leaky seals and other fuel air ratio tricks. They are crying foul that we talk about  improvements to stock carbs that they can make easily and cheaply to the C50. They have racked up some wins but also ruined the reputation of some great drivers when it became know that their engine builders were going past the rules.

 Sorting through parts is costly, anyone that can claim to make all C50 engines at a low cost is not following the stock rules. We've helped tech guys across the country catch them and they've taken so many DQ's that they want it hidden from the public. They even threaten to take us to court for explaining DQ's on a website. Thanks for the letters guys, it was a good laugh. What's next threatening tech people that actually DQ your stuff not to tell anyone? Maybe fewer stickers is the answer?

 There is no reason to be silent because the facts are clear. Since their entry into this engine class, they have failed miserably in tech. Not one or two DQ's for a cracked part or under on cc's, but many for oversized jets or seal that leak or flow air. What would be interesting would be to have proper tech done on the heads and carbs so that people could really see the issues up close.

The nice thing about it is that we have pictures, we have proof and witnesses. DQ's are recorded on mylaps.com and the sanctioning body also keeps a record. So even if we were naming the builder and saying what has happened to so many clients, it wouldn't be defaming them, they did it to themselves.  It isn't limited to just one engine maker. The other day in Nevada a top driver took a DQ for a polished intake port from an Ohio machinist that people thought was really good. We took apart an engine built in Colorado this month and it had a shaved crank, cut piston, advanced intake port timing and illegal flywheel timing. This group also controlled tech at some tracks. This problem is a rampant one, it is ruining several formerly reputable races and groups. IKF lost all respect this last year by actually modifying the rules to allow oversized modified jets for the C50.

So you can try to shoot the messenger that explains the issue to the world but unfortunately all you'll do is make an attorney one happy camper because truth is a powerful ally. The easiest solution is to pull back your illegal equipment and run straight up to let the chips fall where they may.

Many dealers will run out of money soon because they can't keep it up. People get the message and learn. A client from the area said people don't want to buy their stuff because of the number of DQ's, it is fast but if you want to run legal there is too much doubt that they aren't legal after all the DQ's. So let's go, anyone tired of our talking about DQ's across the country should bring the case against us. We'll defend the good drivers and teams that follow the rules and expose the builders that don't think it is important come to the race with legal engines and chassis. At a race where I tech the top 9 of 10 were disqualified for cut filters, illegal plugs, modified exhausts, modified piston. Who was cheering that day 10th through 22nd that followed the rules.

Hopefully those of you that want to run straight up and fair will write a letter to IKF and ask that they get rid of the oversized jet rule that is allowing thugs to build illegal engine that aren't being teched. The cheating goes deeper the harder tech is. Scratch a liar find a thief someone said once. It looks like we have scratched a few scabs on some really rotten people in the industry.


Wagner Again at IKF!

Hayden Wagner backed up his big trophy win with a win at IKF R7 with his Tornado. Tachovsky was second and wraps up the championship in his Tornado. Hayden went on to take third on Sunday and showed he's one of the favorites for next season. Thanks for taking us to victory lane with you!

One race left in December at Santa Maria. Drivers thinking of making a run at the title for next season will want to try to make this race to test themselves against this season's best.

Anthony Sawyer won on Sunday. Congratulations to him on his run in Kid Karts.




big, Big, BIG Win For


Hayden Wagner took his Tornado to California Speedway to challenge the best for the biggest trophies imaginable. It was big trophy weekend at LAKC, one of the most prestigious clubs in Los Angeles. It's great when clubs do these types of races for kids. In Davis one year they made the mistake of ordering all first place trophies for the kids. The children loved it so much they did it all season. If they are going to get less laps then they should get bigger trophies! There is little question this was no lesser race and Hayden had to really work hard against some successful teams.  Hayden showed he's a force to be reckoned with next season.

He had just received his new stainless steel Tornado Pill set of adjusters so that they could set the front to five different caster angles. The Tornado has proven very effective at this track winning the majority of club races and IKF regional races in the last few years. It's a sealed parking lot track without much grip and the Tornado can be adjusted to track well around this facility. Hayden and his crew chief looks like they had the set up down just right. This is the time of year the young guns step up their game to challenge the old guard. No one has a monopoly at the race track. Congratulations to Hayden and thanks for taking us to victory lane with you!

Upgrades are available for older Tornados like Hayden drove. You can purchase new pill sets like the 2010 comes with, a 2010 set of spindles, and the 2010 F4 or 2010 F5 engine mount.

Cory and Preiser Win

Nicholas Cory won the endurance race today in Springfield Illinois with Zach Preiser only nine seconds back after a 15 minute race. It was not an easy race but Nicholas kept his head and made the correct pass on lapped traffic to get in a position to win the race. Congratulations to our two Tornado drivers and thanks for taking us to victory lane with you!


Michael's Video

See Michael Schneider on his final lap in his road race win in Texas. Rooster tails!


Hayden Wagner Wraps Up Titles

Central Valley Championship & Kerman Kart Club Title

Hayden has one more year in kid kart and is driving a 2007 Tornado. He's showing that with hard work you don't have to have a new kart and that chromoly tubing last a long time. He has won the Kerman Kart Club title and also won the Central Valley Championship for 2009. It will be interesting to see what he is able to do next year. He also came in second in points at the Bakersfield kart club right behind Jerett Tachovsky.

You can see Hayden race in these youtube videos.


Jerett Tachovsky May Have IKF R7 Championship

Congratulations to Team Tachovsky for wrapping up the IKF R7 Saturday title this weekend at Lake Perris. In a battle between the DQ'd driver and Tachovsky for a tight points race Jerett won the championship and the other driver took a DQ pushing him back several spots in the points. This confirmed the title to Jerett. Unless the DQ is overturned.

Hayden Wagner ran his 2007 Tornado into second place for one of his best finishes this season and securing a great shot at a podium for the series. Wagner has one more year in Kid Karts.

We had the good fortune to work with Team Tachovsky as a Tornado Factory Team Driver last season and congratulate them on the win. We worked with them in R11 but didn't make any of the races in R7 this season as our focus was on the Midwest and East coast.

They were early testers of our 2009 Tornado prototype. Jerett ran a one off Tornado design built specifically for him that served him well with a Duffy and R7 title. He's such a good driver he could have driven anything to the front and we are proud to have had him take our kart to victory lane so many times.

Several teams are looking at R7 next season and many are looking at the 2010 Tornado to give them the flexibility to beat the 2009 models and any other kart that wants to challenge for the title. The Tornado will most likely be the only kart that can change wheelbase lengths and rear height. It also has two other developments over last years kart. That makes two of the last three years that the Tornado has won this region, that is if the DQ stands.


Prieser Wins Four

Zach is making a strong push at the end of the season with four wins. He's been nominated to be a Tornado Factory driver for next season and is a prime candidate. Look at the nice shot of him above. Looks like he should be racing Tony Stewart in a a year or two! Way to go Zach and thanks for taking your Tornado kart and engine to victory lane with you over and over and over and over again!


Someone sent us a picture of this sign that was seen at the entrance to a Midwest Track. It might be a warning to crew chiefs that want to run Italian made kid karts and cadets next season against our growing list of Tornado Factory Drivers. Our 2010 chassis will be particularly damaging to the mild mannered mild steel chassis shipped in from Europe.


Winslow Wraps Up KCKA Series Title

Jacob had a very nice run this year. On his last race at Liberty he ran a 20.00 in his final lap as a kid karter. It was his fastest ever this season and we think maybe the fastest ever lap at Liberty. His Tornado Kart has already been sold and so has his SuperStealth Engine. It's all being traded in for a new Cadet and some gear for the 2010 season.

We are not only proud of the individual wins and the titles that Jacob brought home this season but also proud in how they represented the Tornado Factory Team of drivers. They were good sports all season long, even after suffering an extended wait on his chassis and engine. Persistence paid off for all of us. Congratulations Winslows on a fine season.




Brave Preiser Snatches Prize From Badger

Zach won again today up in the soon to be fridged North at Badger Raceway. He's been tearing up the tracks this season. He was able to land the 2008 winning kid kart nat carb from one of our Factory drivers and it helped power his Tornado to the win. Congratulations Zach and thanks for powering us to victory lane with you!


Rotax Championships Update

Mike will start mid field of the 42 karts in the pre final. Even after having his kart destroyed he came back and finished 8th in the final heat race. Chloe St. George was within .2 of the second and third place karts in the third heat. She showed she could run up front if she had qualified better. Keith is working on an engine issue that's holding back the low in power. We wish them both well on Saturday for the Pre and Finals. Anything can happen in races that are this big and this tight. The only one that will have clean air is the 1st place kart in MicroMax that is a clean 2 seconds a lap faster than the top 5 drivers. If he clears tech then Rotax should go looking for the factory parts that were clearly out of spec.


Kid Kart Brochure

Take a look at the new video brochure for the Tornado Kid Kart we are working on.


SKUSA Points

The year end points are done and our drivers scored big on the SKUSA Central States Championship series. We still aren't real sure on the order and are waiting on the official standing with drops but this may be it...

1) Jacob Winslow - Tornado Factory Driver

2) Grant Griesbach - Tornado Factory Driver

3) Owen Leatherberry - Tornado Factory Driver

4) Nicholas Cory -Tornado Factory Driver

You ask where is Jaydon Biles? He won several races but didn't enter the points race by purchasing the tires from the series. If he had we could retire because it would have given us a sweep of the top five spots. We've continued to say that we'll go out on top if we sweep a series... Did we mention that our mentor is Brett Favre?

Great job drivers and crew chiefs! A big thank you to the family members that came to the races and supported these guys with food, fluids, entertainment and encouragement. You all represented the Tornado factory with such style and grace this season. It is a pleasure working with you. Thanks for taking us to victory lane with you!

Each driver has earned a $200 gift certificate for a new chassis purchased this year.


One Championship Down Two To Go

The Winslows are not done yet, they have two club series that are still possible championships as well. They have worked very hard this season to win the SKUSA championship, noticing every detail. We appreciate the trust they placed in us to purchase a Tornado Storm Edition Kid Kart and a top engine. Karting is a great sport for family bonding, unlike swimming and other sports where the children are very much on their own, this sport allows a close team work between family. Some of the most touching moments are those before or after the race when you can see all the hard work and prep realized on their faces.


Championships Sweep For Tornado Kid Karts Drivers?

With Donnie Bell wrapping up the SWRC title and Jacob Winslow taking the SKUSA championship all that is left is the IKF R7 and IKF R11 titles. We didn't have anyone running in R11 this year after Chloe St. George won it last season for the Tornado Team, but two 2009 Tornado karts lead both days of the R7 title. If one of them wins the title then that will mean that the 2009 Tornado Kid Kart chassis will have wrapped up 100% of the regional titles it competed in and two national races.

For a company that has only 2% market share that is certainly conclusive proof that we ended up with the best and luckiest drivers in the USA and or we have very competitive mixed steel chassis in our 2009 Tornado Kid Kart that has an advantage on all the European karts.

The 2010 Kid Kart is out now and will have the advantage over our 2009 karts because of it's ability to change ride height and ride length. This is something that no other kid kart that we know of has today. It allows you to set up for short tracks and long sweeping tracks with just one chassis. If the track rubbers up you can change rear ride height to loosen the rear. A new level of competition is available for the fall races and into next season as the Europeans go back to the drawing board to play catch up.

Pevely, Mo One, Two Three at CSC for Tornado Factory Drivers

Winslow, Leatherberry and Cory Lead

Jacob Winslow took the pole with a 50.9 with an old style engine in top shape. Jacob led three factory drivers in the time trials as Leatherberry was second a .5 back and Cory in the low 52's. For Winslow it's a last chance to feel the air up front, even though he's wrapped up the championship he wanted to run the last race and not take it as a drop. Leatherberry will most likely run his last race as a kid karter and challenge for the win with up and comer Cory watching and learning. Nicolas Cory is set to be the new favorite with his excellent season this year and could surprise if anything happens up front.


Donnie Bell Wins Southwest Regional Cup

Donnie had some pent up energy after his experience in St. Louis. He hopped in his Tornado prototype and took it to the front of the pack at the last SWRC weekend in Oklahoma. He won the heat and exploded into celebration.

On Sunday Donnie took the pole again, won the heat race and then broke a clutch spring in the final causing him to finish in fourth right behind Ryan Lewis. Points should be calculated by the end of the week but it looks like Donnie may have won the season championship. If that happens and it will mean that three of the four major regional series that run kid karts competitively will be won by Tornado drivers. Thank you Donnie for taking us to victory lane with you!

St. George Back In The Seat

Chloe St. George did battle at the Gatorz cup at Apex this weekend. She had taken much of the summer off and Keith St. George thought she'd be a bit rusty. "It shows just how good she really is", commented Keith, "she drove it is as deep if not deeper than anyone. At one point Jake tried to pull off a pass at the end of the long straight and the two went through the corner side by side and Chloe held the lead and stayed ahead when exiting the corner on the outside."

Jake Drew ended up winning the race. His family is one of the absolute best chassis tuning families and Jake can drive. The difference between Chloe and Jake is seat time and hopefully she'll get more of that this fall and next year. Chloe ended up third in the race after missing one corner and losing the draft. She hopes to be ready to race for the national title next month in Oklahoma. I won't be able to be there as I'll take much of September as travel month but will be cheering from an international location.

Winslow Wins CSC

Jacob Winslow traveled from Kansas City to Iowa to face off with the dominant Biles team in their own back yard. Jaydon knew the track well but they had made some improvements to the track and it was anyone's game. Owen Leatherberry, Nicholas Cory and Grant Griesbach would hope to get to the front for the win but it was Jacob that combined a fast old style Super Stealth and the new 2009 chassis to distance himself from the rest of the Tornado Drivers in Iowa.

Jacob takes a commanding points lead in the series now but has chosen to race the final race of the season and risk losing the championship if he has a part break or if he fails tech. Real racers never want to take a drop at the end of the season so all you can do is put new muffler bolts and a muffler on and hope that everything else stays together during the final. Jaydon Biles has won most of the races for the season but opted out of the points race according to the rules so it's up to Winslow and Griesbach to decide whom will get the title in the final race. These factory drivers have shown great class all season and supported each other no matter who won. It's nice to be associated with such wonderful families and their racers. Congratulations Jacob.

Five Tornados In a Row In Iowa

Winslow, Biles, Griesbach, Leatherberry and Cory All Factory Drivers

Tachovsky Wins Duffy

Jerett Tachovsky took down the win in Kid Kart Heavy on Thursday in Reno at the third Grand Nationals. The team of Tornado drivers that have worked with him and raced with him were very happy to see the news. He's got the gift, ever since I was sitting in the cement corner at Davis and he came down the hill at full speed and tried to stuff it in under another kart that was wide and tentative I knew this young man had what it takes. Congratulations Jerett and Tachovsky family.

Update : Team Tachovsky sent a note that Jerett was very happy and was sleeping with his Duffy right next to his pillow each night. Congratulations Jerett!




Championship Series - Trip to Italy!

We've been working on an Easykart engine for someone that was competitive but not the front runner. In his first race with our engine he won the Florida state race. Congratulations and thanks for taking us to victory lane with you.

Tornado Factory Driver Ryan Lewis Towers Over KKN National Restricted Field

Ryan Lewis learned the track quickly and won the Heat race and final in Kid Kart Restricted at the Kid Kart Nationals in St. Louis. He submitted to a full tech and was the only major competitor to be fully teched and cleared with an undisputed win. He gets a chance to come back next year and try the Unrestricted class. Zach Whaley drove his Tornado superbly into second place but his engine builder probably didn't get a chance to check cc's and they missed out on the podium because they were under the limit. Thank you Ryan and Steve Lewis, that makes four of the last five years we've won the KKN championships.

In Kid Kart Unrestricted Five of our drivers crossed the finish line in the top eight, Donnie Bell of Texas, Factory Driver Grant Greisbach, Zach Preiser and Jacob Winslow (Factory Driver) and Jaydon Biles(Factory Driver). Jaydon Biles was fastest for the team drivers and was in third when lapped traffic got together in front of him causing him to spin while avoiding them, he recovered to finish in the top 8. In post race inspection 1st to finish took a seal DQ and second took a port timing DQ and left tech with their engines surrendering their rights to protest. At that point Tornado drivers had 1st, 2nd and 5th.  But after phone calls and some very interesting decision making, everything was reversed leaving Donnie in 3rd and Grant in 4th and Zach off the podium. We are awaiting a ruling by the full board of SLKA on the reversal of the DQ's. Jacob Winslow and Biles were close behind in 7th 8th and Leatherberry fought chassis issues after a terrible early practice wreck to finish somewhere mid pack. Shankleton ran a 51.8, twice working his way up near the front in his Tornado only to get knocked off the track and come back on.

While some were very upset about protest rulings and unprecedented changes in DQ's, I'm a little more calm about this and hope that in coming days officials will have chance to review the letters presented, the witnesses and what happened, in an air conditioned room without the heat of the crews and the Missouri Sun on them. The unfortunate thing is that because the engines left tech we will never know what happened, that's why you have a controlled tech area and rules against leaving it.

Unrestricted Pole Sitter Donnie Bell Of Texas

KKN All Tornado Front Row

Bell vs Greisbach and Whaley vs Lewis

In Unrestricted it is the Cheese heads of Wisconsin against the Texans with Bell taking the pole in his unpainted 2009 prototype Tornado at a 51.8 and Grant Greisbach from up north at a 52.3. It's a 2009 against a Used 2008.

In restricted it's a reverse with the 2008 setting the pole with local favorite running his home town track Zach Whaley against another Texas Ryan Lewis a Tornado Factory driver.

Someone ripped down the qualifying sheets before we saw where everyone qualified. Where were Biles and Leatherberry, Biles was 53.4 and Leatherberry 54.0, probably 8th and 14th. Both have elected to tear motors completely apart to find the gremlins. Leatherberry found his and is up and running as of 1am. Biles may have discovered his after a 2am conference call with the wizard of the desert Keith St.George. We were just too tired to think straight and Keith gave us some good food for thought. Jon Biles will not surrender and he's got a great back up engine ready.

Other drivers of note were the Schankleton brothers who were just so smooth and drove the track masterfully. They are ready to pounce on Sunday. Nicholas Cory had an issue in qualifying but was getting fast quickly, watch for him to move up. Winslow of KC is really learning the track now and may just challenge on Sunday. So much can happen in 35 laps. It is anyone's game. Only one DQ so far. We've got about 40 kids, 24 and 16 in the two classes. Really exciting. It's 2:30 Am here time for sleep. Look to our facebook or twitter pages for updates during the day, search Tornadodriver.

Steve Lewis Watches Nicolas Cory Us All The Track At KKN


Tachovsky On Pole, Wins Screaming Eagle, 2nd By A Hair At Grand Nationals in Reno

Jerett Tachovsky is on pole for the final at the IKF Grand Nationals in Reno. Kid Kart Heavy is tomorrow. Jerett impressed the world last year as a young Tornado Factory Driver when he placed third at the IKF Grand Nationals as a 6 year old. Go Jerret! One of the nicest families you'll ever meet at the track and one talented driver.

Update: Jerett missed winning by .056 of a second in a head to head race to the finish. He does take home the coveted Screaming Eagle for fast qualifier. Tornados took half of the top four spots, set fast time in qualifying, the heat race and the main but Gilmer of Northern California made it happen in the final and deserves the accolades for the win. Tornados have a perfect record for the 3 Screaming Eagles ever awarde 3 for 3, thanks Jerett! He joins Chris Trickle who has two in his trophy case from last year.



Tornado Factory Driver Is World Famous!

Cruz Fiore just received his copy of the Speed Karts Super Trumpf playing cards that are produced and distributed as a playing card game in Europe. The card set features famous kart racers from around the world. He was one of only two American drivers featured and he also received the cover of the game box. What an honor for the hard working A student from Las Vegas. 

Eddie Fiore and his lovely wife have worked tirelessly with Uncle Anthony to get Cruz great equipment to win with over the last several years. When the game maker contacted us we gave them several drivers to chose from and Cruz got the nod with this great shot that caught one of those wonderful moments we have worked so hard for over the years. This photo is worth the 8 months of long dyno days we had last year alone. Thousands of pulls on the dyno, often in 110 degree temperatures. Thanks for your hard work too Cruz. Thanks for winning the California State Championship for us and the IKF R7 race as well as the Las Vegas Championship.  Now you are world famous!


Finally Kid Kart National Video

We found a way to get the whole Kid Kart National Video to show on the web at once. Click here to watch it.


Biles Wins SKUSA CSC

Tornado Drivers Sweep

Jaydon Biles was able to work his way to the front for the win and the trophy but he didn't buy the tires so he doesn't get the points. Tornado drivers took the top five positions at the Springfield Illinois race. Jaydon Biles won and loaned an engine to the very fast Shankleton's that finished second. Grant Griesbach finished third and Owen Leatherberry was still breaking in his engine and got fourth with Winslow Fifth. There is a talented group of drivers and tuners in the Midwest and any one of them can win on any given weekend. Thanks for taking us to victory lane with you!

Preparations for the Kid Kart Nationals continues and it should be the best shootout in years as both former national champions will try to repeat alongside favorites like Jaydon Biles and the Shankletons.


Length Matters

Secrets of our 2010 Karts Leak Out

After secret spy photos of your new Tornado Kid Kart and Cadet start to show up on Italian websites (www.americankartenvy.com) we thought we'd go ahead and make the announcement of more details of your next kart. We can confirm that length matters. On some tracks you want the shortest chassis you can get so it can make the corners quicker, however on big tracks you might want a longer sleeker chassis so you have less scrub. For some clients we have built a custom second chassis that they used on longer tracks, but now you can have all in one.

Now you can have more options all in one chassis. The 2010 Cadet and Kid Kart both have adjustable length and adjustable height. This give you the ability to change the characteristics of the kart based on the track you are running at.

Now we become the only Kid Kart in the world with adjustable length. In keeping with the tradition of rolling out new capabilities to stay ahead of the competition we are making more changes to give you the advantage on the competition.

Next week we'll give you a sneak peak of the new bodylines of the 2010 Tornado Cadet. It is sleek and really great looking, best of all it's faster!

Kings In The Castle

Tornado Factory Drivers Sweep Top 5 At New Castle SKUSA CSC Race #2

Five young men that represented the Tornado Factory Team held court on the podium after a weekend of hard fought racing. Jaydon Biles was the fastest all weekend long and took home the title at New Castle Indiana this weekend. We loaned an old style C50 to new factory driver Jacob Winslow and he challenged Biles during the race. Fast on their heels was Wisconsin Factory driver Grant Griesbach that fattened up and was closing fast with our new style C51! Owen Leatherberry fought engine gremlins and came in fourth. Nicholas Cory spun on the track after avoiding a baby goose and was able to get back up to make it on the podium. At the end 2nd through 5th were nose to tail with Biles 5 kart lengths ahead holding out against the drafting train trying to catch him. Watch the video by clicking here.

We ended up with a sweep in the engine department and tech wisely tore the heads off of the top five since they were all from the same builder. Everyone passed as they are all spec engines with no modifications outside of the rules. We have two more old style C50 engines if someone wants to purchase one. Congratulations to all the young men racing for the Tornado Team! Thanks for taking us to victory lane with you. I've ordered new shirts for all of you on behalf of your victory.


New Pins & Pills!

The new pills and king pins have arrived. You can see the difference in the king pin on the left and the old one on the right. Pill kits include 0, 1 and 2 degree offsets. The pills have a set screw so they are less likely to move once you align your kart. The fit between the pill and pin is perfect so the spindle fit and movement is greatly improved. This has been the single biggest area that we see wear out and get missed by teams. You can order a set of these if you are a factory team now. The kit will be available to the public in a couple months.



Tornado's Destroy Italian Competition in IKF R7 Rain Races At Calspeed

Tornado's Take 4 of 5 Top Spots Both Days!


All last year we trained and worked with young Jerett Tachovsky and his crew as part of our Tornado Factory Driver Team. He's picture below talking with Chris Trickle another former Tornado Factory Driver.

These two are a couple of the most talented drivers we've seen and Jerett proved it Saturday in his opening performance in R7. Chris Trickle holds the only two Screaming Eagles ever awarded to Kid Karts last year when he took two poles on the Tornado Kid Kart at the Grand Nationals. The Tornado chassis won last season's opening race at Calspeed with Cruz Fiore at the helm and the same design won again on the super slick track at Fontana California with Jerett driving. Ryan Lewis of Texas had to start last after a coil failed in the heat, but the racer from Lone star state wouldn't give up and made it to the podium. Ryan made it from last to fourth, a great run for anyone in R7! Tornado Karts took four of the top five positions Saturday. Hayden Wagoner took 5th place both days in his Used Tornado (thanks you Charles for the nice note).

Pictures complements of Rob Tachovsky


Ryan Lewis #65 improved in day two as this was his first ever rain race experience and first time to Calspeed. A lose muffler in the qualifying sent Tachovsky and Lewis to the back. Lewis threw a chain and Tachovsky lost an air filter in the heat race. In the final the two started dead last. By the end of the first lap Ryan had made it to the front and lead all laps until lap 6 when he got loose in the rain. Tachovsky took the opportunity to get in front and held the lead to the checkered flag. The two finished 1st and second on the 2009 Tornado Chassis. The number 88 running a 2009 Tornado as well got third, Anthony Sawyer  got fourth and fifth was a Tornado as well. Leading to an all American Chassis sweep in the final. Both days Tornado karts took four of the top five spots. Thanks for taking us to victory lane!

Tanner McKee Wins Las Vegas Opener Cowen Second As Tornados Roll Through

Tornado's took first and second in the desert of Las Vegas this Sunday. Tanner is the younger brother of the first ever Kid Kart IKF Grand National Champion. Tanner's more into girls than practice but he's got the some great racing genes, a top notch crew chief and tire cleaner and the race was on. Rumor has it that Katie Fiore, his secret cheerleader was wearing a pink shirt with his number on it in the stands and blowing him kisses. Tanner would come around the track and give her a thumbs up sign as he fended of a hard charging Sport Cowen that was running Chloe St. Georges Tornado. Congratulations to both drivers and thanks for taking us to victory lane with you.

If ever in Vegas stay at the Terrible Herbst Hotel, they sponsor Tanner and we should pay them back as often as we can!





Mitchell and Leatherberry Kid Kart Nationals Champions!

 So many great drivers from all across the country came to St. Louis to test the best. They were local champs, hot shoes that looked like they couldn't be bested but this race would put them, their equipment, their crew chief and luck to the test. It was all Chloe St. George early in the unrestricted class as she took the pole for the Tornado Factory Team. She had only had two weekends off since January often racing two days in cities separated by ten hour drives.  They continually sought to toughest tracks and competitors.


Mason Mitchell took the pole for the Tornado Factory team in the restricted class, Dalton Adkins of West Virginia would assume the pole after the heat race. Mason too had raced the US from East to West already this year and was ready. Thaye, Brady, Branden... I can't name them all but they were fast and brought their A game. The heat races were exciting with no one sure whom would take the win. Trickle and Leatherberry put on the best show of the weekend in the second heat of the day. The two karts ended touching coming to the flag with Owen edging Trickle after Chris passed for the lead in the final corner.


 In the other heat race Owen Leatherberry bested Chloe St. George for the pole in the final as Tornado Factory Team drivers locked up the front row but the talented Chris Trickle was in a Tornado with someone else's engine in P3 for the final.

Chris got the lead with a great set of moves early to lead the 28 talented karters across the stripe for the first time. Owen and Chloe were close behind and it didn't take long for Owen to put the move on Chris for the lead. Chloe then took over the lead a lap later as Chris' engine was ailing and he slipped back.  Chloe would put a 10 kart length gap on Owen in the middle of the final but Owen wouldn't give up and he could see Chloe. Lapped traffic slowed Chloe in a couple key areas and Owen's engine came in perfectly to set the track record. He hunted Chloe down and with two turns remaining he put a clean move on her for the win. Owen came across the start finish with both fists in the air  in jubilant fashion and Chloe on his back bumper.

Mason Mitchell had a pretty easy run in the restricted class as he was running Alabama, one of the fastest Kid Kart engine ever. Young mister Turpin came in second in his Tornado. Dalton Adkins looked good early as he turned the fastest time of the day while winning the heat race (see below) and was a possible winning driver but the carb clogged and he had to retire his kart.


Young Mr. Shankleton got his Tornado on Thursday and dad got it together in time for the race to come in fourth after an early morning heat win. It was only his sixth race so keep an eye on this young man!  That gave us 3 of the top 4 in Restricted as well. Look at Mason's eyes when he figures out that the podium finishers get more than a participation trophy. The look is priceless.


Jaydon Biles put on a great show to finish 4th in unrestricted in his Tornado. As a six year old he'll be the force to recon with in years to come, but Owen has the right to run KKN one more time next year if he doesn't move up. There were so many talented drivers at the race. We were all impressed. As it is each year, the technical nature of keeping the little engines in their sweet spot and keeping the chassis' stuck to the pavement proved to be too much. National championships leave little room for error as many hungry competitors are ready to eat your lunch. Dillon Schwanbeck got caught up in a turn one wreck but came back to win the last chance qualifier.  Eagan Shankleton made it from 20th to 9th after an air cleaner came off. He ran the 3rd fastest time in the final followed by Dillon's 4th fastest time. Tornado Kart Drivers ran top 5 of the six fastest lap times in the final!

Thank you Tornado drivers for giving us 3 of the top 4 spots in unrestricted and 2 of the top 4 in restricted. A sweep of the top podiums is more than we had expected. By luck and hard work by talented teams Tornado drivers won ever pole, heat and final with the exception of one heat - there were no Tornado Karts in that heat by the luck of the timing gods. As one parent said it "this ends the question about what kid kart chassis is the fastest in the world right now". We want to thank all the talented drivers that made the Tornado look so good. Thanks for taking us to victory lane with you.


A big thank you to Michael Thompson for helping out tuning and for bringing the special Hoosiers. Thanks to Keith Allison for coming all the way down to help tune, your eyes and ears are very tuned to karting and we couldn't do it without you. The team stuck together and worked to create a successful winning effort. Thank you to the sponsors, officials and all the workers that gave up their weekends so the kids could race the best. There were many tears during the weekend. Owen's little sister cried twice because Owen beat Chloe and the last tear shed was the entire Leatherberry family as they hugged and held each other tightly, there dreams realized. Only a week earlier their best engine's flywheel blew up destroying most of the engine. They faught back against the odds and won. They'll remember it for years!



Super Star Wins R7 Too!

Chloe St. George of Las Vegas called from Grange Race Circuit near Apple Valley California to let me know she completed her goal of winning each of IKF's regions. She asked me, "who's your super star"? I had to answer you are today. It was her day and she raced Chris Trickle and Jake Drew for the win, trading the lead with them five times. In the end she was first on the podium and Drew was second.

When we met Chloe in Las Vegas she was driving a beat up old Italian kart but she was solid as the older kids kept hitting her. She showed determination and we decided to invest in her because we wanted more females in the sport. She's given back more than we could have ever hoped. She won IKF R11's title, she won the only regional race she ran in IKF R4, took the pole at Kid Kart Nationals and now she adds a IKF R7 to her list of accomplishments.

Keith St. George still has hoses coming out of his back. He's been patching himself together to keep her on the track. He was upset because Chloe got 4th on Saturday. When she finished the race he saw that her accelerator cable was set wrong and she wasn't racing with full throttle. Once he got that fixed she did the rest. She was a kart length behind at the line but the Pitt's engine failed tech and was disqualified giving Chloe the win. Thank you Chloe and SGF Racing for a spectacular season.

Clash Of Kid Kart Titans At I70

Mason Mitchell of Palmyra Missouri won the restricted class at the Kid Kart Nationals and Ower Leatherberry won the Unristricted Class at the KKN. Both are  our factory drivers and both love to win setting up for a real battle in Missouri. This weekend they did battle at the I70 speedway just outside of Kansas City for the Central States Super Series. Mason Mitchell duked it out with Owen and came up the victor.

This is the part of the season when the younger drivers start maturing and have the weight advantage over the older drivers with experience. Both the Mitchell's and the Leatherberry's are focused race teams with a depth of great equipment in their pits. We've trained both teams and it must have been a race to behold. We love all our Tornado Factory Drivers. Congratulations Mason, we can almost see that big grin from here. Thanks for taking us to victory lane in your first big regional win!

Chloe St. George Wins IKF R11

Chloe St. George wins the final at Reno Nevada. It was not easy because she did not get to practice on Friday and they drove all night long. With only a couple hours sleep and two morning practice sessions she stuck with it and worked her way to the front. Two competitors failed on a cc check showing that the most common mistake at this level can end your season. Keith St. George checked his during the day and finished at exactly 7.3cc securing the season title for Chloe and the 2009 Tornado chassis. And yes her engine is for sale right now.

Jerett Tachovsky was wrecked twice  by other drivers but still put down fast time in his 2009 Tornado while trying to make it back to the front of the pack. He received second place after tech finished up. Jerett was caught off guard by the use of lights to start the race. He went from pole to last and had to work his way back up to third in the heat. In the final he was hit twice but never gave up and kept going. Jerett almost completely wraps up second place in the R11 series, a great accomplishment for someone that started the season as a five year old.

Chloe can chose to continue racing the series or drop both last races and accept the championship. She actually has enough points to suffer a DQ and still win the championship. She has not missed a race yet and has won 6 of the 7 races so far. This was the first race in her home state of Nevada but she still had a 7 hour drive to attend the race. Congratulations Chloe on becoming the most dominant Kid Kart Driver in recent history with 8 regional IKF wins in one season, a second at KKN and a 3rd at IKF Grand Nationals.

Jerett Tachovsky Takes Pole At Reno IKF R11 Race

Jerett Tachovsky stunned the crowd at the first race of the IKF R11 season by taking the pole as a five year old. Now he's six and he placed third at the IKF Sprint Grand Nationals. No longer are people surprised by this young driver, they are just watching intently to see how far he will progress. Rob Tachovsky called me the other night and said, "We are going for the win in Reno". That's a big statement when you know that you'll be racing Chloe St. George his other Tornado Factory Driver and arguably the best overall kid kart racer in the country. She has won all but one race of the R11 season and that was the one where her engine failed under the heat.

Keith St. George made it up in time to race Saturday only and Chloe qualified 2 seconds off Jerett's pole time in fourth place. She will have to learn the track while racing. Keith had snuck out of the hospital bedroom and drove seven hours through the desert to make this race. "Chloe's picking up 2 seconds a session but she just hasn't figure the track out yet like Jerett has at this point. Maybe we'll be there with something for him in the final", explained Keith. Zenny St. Georges was happy to explain that Keith had an accident in the car on the way up. One of the tubes from his kidneys came undone. Oh my, I guess it could have been another kind of accident.

Wilson Skjerven has one of our engines and qualified off pole for the R11 race. Everyone will be trying to figure out how to tune at altitude. Keith St. George probably has an advantage her as he won R4a in Colorado when tuning above 5000 feet a couple months ago. Right now we are proud to have three of the top five engines in qualifying and to have the pole with the youngest driver. Keith and I agreed that Jerett has a great touch on the steering wheel and he's coming into his own right now. Congratulations Jerett Tachman Tachovsky on the pole!


IKF Points Leads for Cruz, Conner and Chloe

Cruz Fiore, Conner Hanson and Chloe St. George hold the points leads with and without drops at the three IKF Regional race series currently as we reach the halfway point in the season. We congratulate Chloe on her four straight wins and Cruz for making it onto the podium in all but one of his races so far. Conner has a string of seconds place finishes. The kart that he had been losing to recently took a DQ for tires that had been on the kart in other races this season. We are proud to see our Tornado Drivers doing so well this season. We hope that hard work, preparation and a bit of luck will allow them to finish the season in the same positions.


Brandon Weaver sat on the front row with Chloe. He's got a new generation of engines that we have been producing and boy was it fast. He ran Chloe down in the final and lead part of the race before Chloe took it back. Brandon stayed right behind Chloe and drafted her down the straights but couldn't get by for the win. Chloe and Brandon had their work cut out for them racing against top drivers on their home track. They finished 5 seconds ahead of the nearest competitor.

Jerett Tachovsky drove excellent all weekend but was nursing Frankenstein back to health. That's the engine we put back together Thursday from all the parts left over after his flywheel exploded at the last race and ruined his engine. Jerett is testing some new engines for us and watch for him to be back strong at the next IKF race.

Conner Spencer On Podium at LVMS

We are pleased to announce that Conner Spencer has joined the Tornado Factory Team of drivers. Conner is the son of famed Fast Freddie Spencer. At 21, Freddie Spencer had become the youngest World Grand Prix Champion in history. Conner is development nicely and got third this weekend at the Las Vegas Motorspeedway. Cruz Fiore won the race and Donny Williams son got second, all were racing Tornado Chassis.

Conner just took delivery of a new 2009 Tornado Kid Kart. Here is what Freddie had to say about the kart: 

Connor really is liking the new chassis. He ran in qualifying 2 seconds faster then in the other kart!!! and in both the pre-main and main his lap times only varied about 3 to 4 tenths over the race distance. His improvement was in carrying more corner speed and keeping the revs up!! You could see that he was more comfortable and that he could use more of the track! Freddie Spencer - Las Vegas Nevada.

Jared Mitchell recently tested the new 2009 Tornado against the 2008 and found similar results. He reported that they gained 4 tenths on a 40 second lap time. The 2009 is easier to drive then the 2008 and a bit looser. We should see the benefits of the 2009 chassis as the summer months wear on and the tracks get sticky. Thanks for all the positive feedback Factory Drivers!


Schwanbeck Sweeps

Dillon Schwanbeck swept both days of the Midwest Sprint Series at New Castle this weekend in his new 2009 Tornado Prototype Kid Kart. "It handled so well in the high speed corner, he was actually taking it faster than I thought  it could be taken. While others slid out Dillon stuck the corner perfectly" said Paul Schwanbeck. "We were successful both days and won convincingly. People were looking at the chassis to see what it was."


Too bad you can't see all the changes we made to the kart for 2009. Thanks to people like Paul that stepped up early and tested the prototype they have a slight advantage. We are switching production to the new chassis this month ahead of schedule.


St. George Wins IKF R11 Opener

Jerett is only 5 years old but he thought he'd take a shot at the IKF Region 11 opening race at the Davis California Blue Max Kart Club. He was driving a new Storm Edition 2009 prototype Tornado. We loaned him a top engine along with his team mate Brandon Weaver.  They both quickly learned the track and started to sling the karts around the track. In the morning Jerett was clean and we kept asking him to keep on the gas through turn 1. In the qualifying run he trusted us and kept on the gas setting fast time and taking the pole for the morning stunning the experienced local drivers that had be practicing the track. The crowd was amazed that a 5 year old that had never been to Davis took the pole. 

Unfortunately the scales moved a couple pounds from morning practice and Brandon weaver was a half pound light, he'd have to start in the back at a tough to pass track. Jerett and Chloe noticed the weight difference but squeaked by.

In the heat race the experienced drives slowly moved past Jerett and Chloe moved to the front row. She had to race Jeremy Kay of Reno, Jeremy had been fast all Friday in practice. In the final it was Chloe St. George of the Tornado Factory Drivers team that jumped off to a great lead. She was caught with three corners to go by another driver that had built their own engine that would later fail tech. Michael drove a great race but was assisted in running to the front by a powerful engine that didn't meet spec. Chloe assumes the points lead for R11.

Chloe loaded up quickly for the 8 hour drive to Los Angeles and the California Speedway. She would test some things for us in the morning that did not work and had to start tenth on Sunday. She made it up to 3rd in the final to get her second podium of the month. Chloe is racing somewhere almost every weekend so her testing is done on race weekend. This makes it more difficult for her to learn the track at the limits of the chassis, but she adapts quickly and gives us good feedback. Congratulations Chloe on your first IKF regional win. Keep an eye on young Jerett Tachovsky (pronounced tahavsky) he has real talent and a great touch on the steering wheel. Thanks for taking us to victory lane with you and making our engines/chassis look so good.

5 Year Old Takes Pole in 2009 Prototype Tornado at IKF R11

Jerett Tachovsky has had his new prototype Tornado Storm Edition for only a month or so. He decided to change plans to race at Santa Maria and come take a shot at the big time regional racing of Region 11. He received his new kart and put it on the track for the first time at the R7 opener. He's one of the most gifted drivers we have seen in a long time. When he came down the sweeper at Davis and entered the hairpin in a controlled drift I was impressed. When he came around again and attempted a pass at the same time when the door opened with a mistake from the kart in front I was in awe.  Most kids would lock it up and try to avoid the kart, but he steered around it and tried to stick it in for a pass.

Jarett practiced on Friday and had much of the track handled. The only thing left was the reducing radius turn one at the end of the front stretch. We explained that most kids take months to get that corner down and hold it wide open. He explained that it was a challenge he wanted to master. Before he went out I explained that the kart would handle better if he stayed full on the gas and didn't lift in the reducing radius. The kart would hold him if he drove steady. He looked at me with a long gaze deep into my eyes. Neither of us blinked and we both knew it was possible. I felt like telling him that we had a set of specially matched tires like Harry Hog did in Days of Thunder, but then I'd be telling a lie and he'd know it. Jerett decided to trust in the advice.

Jerett talked it over with his Dad before he went out for the green, white, checkered. They agreed that if it felt good to go for it on the final lap and if the kart spun then they'd accept their first lap time. Jerett did it and held it down, showing the poise of a seven year old with months of practice on the track. As I announced the race from the booth Jerett's name popped to the top of the list of qualifiers on the computer. I looked up and the checkered was flying. Jerett would hold on to the pole position in an upset of momentous proportions. My voice must have cracked with pride when I figured out that Jerett had placed his trust in the chassis to hold him and floored it through the corner.

It was a pleasure tuning for Jerett. Rob had ordered a new top end carb from us. We bolted it on and dropped two seconds a lap on Friday. Sorting of carbs does make a difference. We want to thank Rob, Tracie and the whole Tachovsky for great wine, food and hospitality. We also want to thank Dan Weaver for offering us a place to warm up and eat dinner. It was a great weekend. We are looking forward to watching The Javelin (Jerett) slice through the wind again soon.

IKF R7 - Cruz Fiore Wins At California Speedway Opener!!

3 Tornados on the Podium, Mitchell and Hanson Take 4th and 5th As The 2009 Prototype Tornado Wins It's First Race. Wow!!

It was the start of the most coveted series in the world for Kid Kart racers, the International Kart Federation's Region 7 Southwestern Super Series at the California Speedway in Fontana outside Los Angeles. Competitors from East to West coast were in attendance. Cruz Fiore put his trust in the Tornado engineers and took a new 2009 Tornado prototype chassis version 1.1 out for the first time in a race and had a great result. Last year we had a prototype in the field and it took 6th, the driver Braden Johnson went on to win the championship. "It was perfect", said Cruz after the race. Eddie and Anthony put the chassis together just the day before the IKF race and shook it down at Apex in the afternoon. "This was our weakest track and we are very pleased to win our first IKF R7 race here at the California Speedway". The Las Vegas native had not made the club race two weeks earlier because of the Las Vegas Kart Club banquet and had not raced this configuration in over a year. Cruz was fast all day timing in on the front row and winning the final. Chloe St. George set fast time on her Tornado in the heat and let the boys know they could not count her out this season, but got caught up in the big crash in turn two in the final. Logan Mitchell finishes 4th after starting in the back and Conner Hanson finishes 5th as the only in state local driver in the top 5, making it a three Tornado sweep of the top 5. Again, chromoly tubing chassis' dominated the top positions.

Logan Mitchell was our standout in the final. He had a crew chief that had forgotten to get painted after qualifying and had to start the heat in the back. He made it up to 10th after the DQ of the heat winner he would start the final in 9th. In the final he got the hole shot and slid through the field moving up 5 spots hitting turn two at full speed. Unfortunately a kart ahead of him slowed and he touched his bumper while trying to tuck underneath and avoid the slowing kart. In IKF racing you can't lift or you'll get hit from behind. The ensuing wreck took out several top competitors including Chloe St. George, Sebastian Elizondo and Jacob Drew. Logan steered into the slide and saved it to tuck into 6th. He then worked the pack and made it up to 4th. The 5th place finisher failed in tech and Conner Hanson then moved his Tornado into a 5th place podium finish. Conner was in third at one point of the final and drove a great race. While the tech officials reviewed the unmarked engine closely of the Florida entry that has taken technical DQ's all over the country they ended up allowing him to pass but did not cc or take the head or clutch off - many listening felt this entry was illegal by watching and listening to it.

Several drivers showed themselves to be practiced and ready including Sebastian Elizondo, RJ Stearns and Jacob Drew. Sebastian was involved in a wreck in the heat when he and Chris Trickle got together in turn 5. Drew was driven off the track in the heat race and did not finish the final race as he was caught up in the wreck. They'll use this race as their drop and be back up front again. Stearns had issues in tech and was sent to the back of the field. Eyes were on former Tornado driver Chris Trickle as many expected a win from him after his fast times at the prior club race. Chris had full free factory support of a local kart shop and Italian kart maker.  Chris' times were off three seconds a lap from the times he turned in the club race and two seconds off from the year before when he had set fast time for us on a Tornado at the season opener. Chloe's time's were off a second from the club race so the track was obviously slower. Chris was in tenth at the time of the wreck and came out 4th so it really helped him get to the podium. Why the other drivers were so much slower on IKF race weekend than at the club race is a mystery. In Chloe's case she had a brand new engine at the club race that was too tight to win, it was much looser for the IKF race and was very fast as we found something that was slowing here down ever as she set fast time. She had a real chance to win this race but in the final it didn't matter as she was driven hard into the turn 2 barriers by the wrecked karts. Cruz Fiore drove a flawless day. A test on our part probably cost him the pole but he recovered nicely in the heat and the engine was mostly back in the final. The engine named Killer Queen sounded almost back to full health in the final and bested the field.

We are so please with our Tornado drivers. With the stiff competition and the gamble on a new chassis design with almost no testing we had anticipated having only one driver on the podium. To have three drivers up there was a great victory. Congratulations to Mason Mitchell and Jerett Tachovsky as they finished mid pack, pretty good for 5 and 6 year olds in their first big IKF R7 race. We believe had Chloe made it through turn 2 she would have been right up along side the leaders racing for the podium. She was in fifth at the time of the wreck and had been .3 seconds faster than Cruz in the heat with her fast new Stealth engine. We'll see all the great drivers back in four weeks near Las Vegas for the Buffalo Bill's race where no one will have the advantage of track time and practice. Luck will play a part again, a wreck will almost for certain cripple someone's run for the championship and there will probably be a DQ for something. That's racing and if you navigate all the issues you can have a chance to be the champion. Congratulations Cruz, Eddie and Anthony... you worked hard, put your trust and faith in ComerJet and the Tornado Team and came away with the win. Thank you for taking us to victory lane with you!

We were missing a Factory Driver at the race. Click here to see the video of the race and a hint of why Tanner McKee wasn't there...








Customer Quotes -

"Just wanted to call and let you know we won our first race ever in Kid Karts with your Tornado Chassis. We are thrilled, I knew it was the right investment to make. He sailed smoothly through the corners while others hopped and skidded through." East Coast

"The Tornado chassis handled perfectly, it was really smooth in the corners, I could pass anyone at will." Flinn Lazier

"My son spun out four times in his old kart at this track, in the race today with his new F5 he didn't spin out once. He is so happy with the kart. Thank you!"

"Look at him the harder he drives it the better the chassis performs, he is carries the wheel speed out of the corner and rockets past the other karts as he exits the corner"

"We ran the kart and were fast out of the box on the dirt oval. It was so wild to watch the inside front lift up in the corners like a dirt modified car. The kart just handled so smooth that no one could catch us. East Coast

"When we got the chassis we were running at 1:14, within a week or so we were down to 1:10 a lap. It is a rocket in the corners and really fast. The others were having trouble catching us. We collected two karts and the nose did its job by holding the other kart down and dissipating the energy of the crash" West Coast

"The chassis arrived late yesterday and we only had time to put a stock engine on it after testing all day with the old chassis and our blueprinted engine. The day before we were running 1.16.5 and 1.17. We dropped 4.5 seconds with your chassis and our slow stock engine.  Our driver is so pleased to be running with the leader. On Sunday he qualified on .3 of a second off the pole in his first race with the Tornado F4. Thank you, this chassis is really fast! Build us a second so we have a spare ready to go in the trailer"

"Look at it go through the corners, it is so fast and smooth!" Western US

"My son said it was much quicker and felt so much better to drive" Central US

"We love the kart!" Southern USA

"My son and I are very impressed!" Southern USA

"We love the front end design and handling" West USA

"Just wanted you to know we love the chassis. It was a bullet in the corners. We took second in a National race with it and were very happy with its performance." Central USA customer


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