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High frequency shaking, cryo treatment to below 300 that goes up and down 1 degree a minute for three days, line boring, friction reduction, stabilization during break in.... why do we do all these things and more? Because it is what it takes to make a stock engine better. To build the best C50's in the world we had to pile into R&D, we took that materials knowledge to the HPV world, we couldn't just leave it all behind. The other answer is because you want to go faster, you want to push it harder and run leaner longer. You want to win.

We are not like the other builders that blueprint the next motor and ship it out. We push the envelop on testing after we find a good piece to start with. In the end all that work pays off because most of the time in the big races the top 5 are only .07 seconds apart. If we can hold the cylinder straighter a bit longer at high temps then your driver can pass at the end of the straight after a long 18 lap race. We believe that what our customers want is not the cheapest engine but a really good one built by an engineer that cares about the finer details inside the engine. You aren't looking for a machinist that punches out engines all day, you want someone that sorts through these and knows what to look for. Comer is making the K80's better now after a bit of unequal production runs. Now is a good time to upgrade to more horsepower.


The methods used are legal for IKF, Stars, WKA  Tag USA and most other groups. It is a combination of several small details and searching for the motors with the best potential. No two motors are the same. The technology to test our C50 engines has helped the HPV and Tag program immensely. The dyno we utilize is a 5" water brake dyno for 2 cycle kart engines with low torque and helps us see inside the HPV as the rings seat and the engine develops peek horsepower. It gives us the ability to test carburetor set ups in conjunction with pipes to give you more all around power.  We've been know as the worlds premier Comer C50 builder and now we have taken that commitment to the HPV program.   If you have a HPV and want to see us make it faster then send it up. If you're a top runner and want to test our HPV against your current engine builder we'll arrange a test.


Get your engine from the most competitive area of the world and watch just how fast it is compared to what you are running today. California is the center of the Kart racing world and the center of engine development with 70 percent of the worlds top 2 cycle kart engine builders.

Our HPV  engines are not highly machined. They are an investment because they are hard to find and time consuming to test, but because they are gifted and set up correctly you are passing people on the track legally. There is much satisfaction in a win where you pass everyone and get checked thoroughly in tech. When you are declared the winner in tech and everyone walks away scratching their heads that's very satisfying because you and your driver did it within the rules.



HPV 1 Blueprinted Falcon Engine $2165 -

HPV 1 , 2, 3, or 4  Stealth Engine $2895 - Stealth Engines  are picked from multiple engines that we purchase or test. They can be new or used but they perform at a slightly higher standard and have a better shaped dyno curve. They take a while to build because of the length heat treating and cooling process we utilize in cycling the engine to get the performance where we want it. They meet the specs and are legal engines. If you want to experience the power of a Stealth order yours today and give us as much time as you can to find it and bring it to life.


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